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Sex that is fast, loud, hard, and memorable.
We had some seriously hardcore sex last night. i think the people in the next room over heard us.
by sexyyy July 09, 2005
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usually refers to sex. see sexual intercourse also.
i had hot intercourse with him last night!
by sexyyy July 09, 2005
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Another term for vagina, the female genitalia.
While eating me out, he stroked and licked my sweet wet pussy to make me hard.
by sexyyy July 09, 2005
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A gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyed girl that needs to learn how take her own advice sometimes. She is very intelligent and chooses her friends wisely. She has one of the best friends in the whole world. They are each others halves. A Nina usually attracts hot guys, which makes all the other girls in the school jealous. But a Nina can keep her head high and look past them. Nina's are also very nice and loving.

Usually paired good with; Jeff's, Jakes, Masons, Alex's & or Andrews.... Once you have a Nina never let her go. You will regret it.
Boy1: why did you ever let that Nina go? We're you insane!?
Boy2: I know... I still love her!
Boy1: then why are you still here? Go get her back!!!!
Boy2: I can't, she's taken by another guy...): damn he's lucky
by Sexyyy March 31, 2012
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