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When two vagina's are rubbing together as lesbian sex
Man, last night i saw some vag rubbing, it was kinky!!
by sexxypartyy August 03, 2008
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A girls inside of vagina.
Ashton: Man guess what I did last night?!
Chad: What did you do?
Ashton: I touched some insides!
Chad:You got some??
by SexxyPartyy August 17, 2008
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One of three things a man uses to pleasure a woman.

1. Fingers

2. Tounge (eating out)

1. Kipp: Man i used my first utensil last night!
Steve: How many!?
Kipp: Three!!!!

2. Kipp: Hey steve guess what!
Steve: What kipp!?
Kipp: I used my second utensil. last night.. and it tasted AWESOME!
Steve: JEALOUS!!

3. Kipp: hey steve.. I used my third utensil last night..
Steve: Nice!! Did it hurt her?
Kipp: Always does!
by SexxyPartyy August 17, 2008
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