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This is based on the activities of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, Canada. If a person says, 'I plead the Ford", it means they are excused from their behavior and are not obliged to explain themselves because they were smoking crack cocaine and in a drunken stupor.
Why did you crash your car?

I plead the Ford!
by sexbeyond40 November 19, 2013

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A Virtual Sexy-Shop (VSS) is when you and your romantic partner shop for something sexy to use together; a new article of clothing, a pair of shoes or a sex-toy. The difference is that the shopper goes alone and takes pictures of the different options while wearing the item in the change room! After texting their top picks to their partner, a choice is made, purchased and the date is set to try it out!
Hey, I'd love to have a pair of Lucite shoes. Let's do a Virtual Sexy-Shop (VSS)!
by sexbeyond40 May 20, 2014

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Co-parent means that there is another parent in the child's life even if both parents are not a couple and not living together. This is not a single parent who has the child 7 days a week and has no other parent in the child's life.
She calls herself a single Mom but her ex-husband has their son every second week. She is actually a co-parent.
by sexbeyond40 May 21, 2014

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These are the sexual fantasies that a person hopes to fulfill while they are still able to enjoy it.
Having a threesome is definitely on my Sex Bucket List!
by sexbeyond40 June 09, 2014

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A Ten-to-Midnight is a man or woman that is your lover that literally arrives at your place at 10pm and leaves at midnight.
I better jump in the shower, my ten-to-midnight man will be here in half an hour.
by sexbeyond40 May 20, 2014

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The female specific term describing images or thoughts used during masterbation to increase one's sexual arousal. The opposite of 'spank bank' which is the male specific term.
Wow, that guy is hot! I think I'll add him to my 'gush fund'!
by sexbeyond40 December 02, 2013

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A solo-parent is another way of saying single parent but does not reflect on a person's relationship status. This person parents their child(ren) on their own but was or is not necessarily single.
She is a solo-parent but has a really great boyfriend.
by sexbeyond40 June 09, 2014

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