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1. A bottle that boys want girls to shove in their vagina to make it clean. Can they not just wash it? Jeez..

2. a jerk, one who only thinks of themselves and sex.
1. Girl: You want me to what?
Boy: Douche.
Girl: ..why?
Boy: I.. I dont know. your vagina is very unpleasant and dirty.

2. John, you're a fucking douche for hiring a hooker while your girlfriend was otu of town.
by sdfsfsdfsfsd er gdfg September 5, 2006
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When gay men and women and bisexuals can finally accept who they are and reveal their orientation to friends and family

A perfect example of someone coming out:
Gay Guy: Uhhh... Dave? Theres something I need to.. tell you.
Dave: What is it bro?
Gay guy: I think I'm gay.
Dave: Serious? How long have you known?
Gay guy: A year... Can we still be friends?
Dave: sure, man. as long as you're not turned on.

Lesbian girl: ..Hey trish?
Trish: what
Lesbian: If I tell you somethng will you completely freak out?
Trish: No! What??? Tell me.
Lesbian: You're totally gonna think Im weird but.. im a lesbian.
Trish: (silent) *laughs* REALLY?!?!?!?!?!? Your kidding
Lesbian: no.. im serious.
Trish: how long have you known?
Lesbian: since i was like..... ten
Trish: Wow.


Bi Girl: Mom? I need to tell you something. I cant take it anymore.
Mom: What..
Bi Girl.: I'm attracted to girls, mom. And boys. Im bisexual.
Mom: (silent) Really? What if its just a stage in your life..? it could be just a stage!!
Bi GIrl: No.. mom. I know myself better than anyone else. I;m bisexual.
Mom: Wow.
Bi Girl: You're not mad, are you?
Mom: no of course not.
Bi Girl: Okay. (hugs)
by sdfsfsdfsfsd er gdfg September 5, 2006
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A saying people use that girls have power too (along with boys) people usually say it when a girl has outsmarted someone or has doe something to make one proud.
Girl 1: I tried out for the boys basketball team because this shitty school doesnt have a girl team, and I made it!!!
Girl 2: your rock!!! girl power
by sdfsfsdfsfsd er gdfg September 6, 2006
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The foul, crude, but kick ass boy on south park / He wears an orange parka and him voice is muffled. Thats the fun part..
Les: Going down to south park gonna see if I cant unwind"
seasons 1-2
Kenny Mccormick: I like girls with big vaginas I like girls with big fat titties
Seasons 3-5
I have got a ten inch penis use your mouth if u wanna clean it
Seasons 7^
Some day ill be old enough to stick my dick in briteny's butt
by sdfsfsdfsfsd er gdfg September 7, 2006
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