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A "Juggalo" or "Juggallete" are incredibly trashy people that easily get impregnated by rediculously retarded people and produce children that should not be apart of our school systems because they are bound to fail. They were formed from a rap group call the "Insane Clown Pussies" during a performance a man from the group addressed the fans as "Juggalo's" this started an apocolypse of uneducated retards that have nothing in life but to drink shit called faygo, fuck fat women, dred their hair, where clown shit, smell like a big giant smelly asshole, and smoke an immense amount of crack and snort cocaine, smoke meth, and inject heroin. It is a group of people that call themselves a "family" which I have heard many cases of incest in the "family" the music they listen to is absolutely horrible and should burn in the fiery depths of hell.
by scullarycharge November 22, 2010

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a new jersey hotdog is a term when a girl is giving a blow job and the man starts peeing in her mouth
scullarycharge got his dick sucked but since the girl was a slut, he started peeing in her mouth because she said its sterile and she likes the taste of urine, and because she has never done a new jersey hotdog.
by scullarycharge May 19, 2009

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during the part of anal sex, if a the women was constipated and she lost control of her bouls, leaving shit everywhere, the man proceeds to catch the feces in his hand and slaps her in the face with her own poop. resulting in the famous Utah Mud Slam.
while burt was ass pwning janice, janice warned burt that she was constipated, and that have anal sex might loosen up all the junk in her trunk. so burt tells her he has it covered, while he finishes in her ass, he pulls out quickly. janice looses all control of her sphincter, and bouls. burt then catches her poop in his hand, and in one good motion, he gives janice one good slap across the face resulting in a Utah Mud Slam.
by SCullaryCHarge April 13, 2010

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when something is so dope it becomes trash in the process and that trash makes the dope even cooler. not marijuana wise, but just plain old awesome.
mikey t was totally dope trash at that party last night. i shall never forget it!
by scullarycharge May 08, 2009

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