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The act of wafting the smell of one's own fart to one's own nose (usually with a cupped hand) in order to savor the aroma.
Ahhh, I just did a smelfie... nothing like the smell of digested hotdogs in the morning... it smells like victory.
by schweddy balls March 08, 2014

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Scaly skin on one or both sides of the penis caused by having too much sex.
Dude, my girlfriend just can't get enough sex. All night, every night, all we do is screw, my dick got so worn out that I'm getting dick dandruff on both sides of it.
by schweddy balls November 02, 2009

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A team-oriented sex act where five or more male participants find a willing subject (female or male) who also owns one or more cats.

The five or more males ejaculate profusely on the subject from head to toe and, when finished, one of the participants (traditionally the first to finish) finds the catbox and dumps the contents of said catbox all over the body of the subject previously covered with loads of jizz.

The contents of the catbox (ideally clumping / scoopable cat litter) adheres to and quickly hardens on the spooge-covered body of the subject, freezing her (or him) into a statue similar to the victims of the 79 AD eruption of the Mount Vesuvius volcano in the city of Pompeii near the Bay of Naples in Italy.
Four of my buddies and I totally Pompeii-ed that chick. She looked like a sculpture when we were done.
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by schweddy balls February 09, 2017

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The letter's "C" (Charlie) and "B" (Bravo) used as shorthand to describe a certain breed of woman known as a cunty bitch

A Charlie Bravo can often be recognized by the configuration of her lips where they are pursed in a manner that looks like she just sucked a lemon and by a unique quick "tsk" sound emitted from her lemon-sucking lips whenever she doesn't approve of something followed by the catch-all phrase of either "whatever" or "I'm so over it / you". Dismissive hand motions often follow these sounds.
I asked that chick in logistics out for coffee and she was totally a Charlie Bravo. She just said, "Whatever" and walked away.
by schweddy balls March 15, 2010

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Very good cannabis where one "hit" can mess your shit up. Much like the wildly popular song "I'm Too Sexy" caused Right Said Fred to be a "one hit wonder"
"Dude, that shit is bad-ass, it's totally Right Said Fred."
by schweddy balls March 08, 2010

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Similar to a broner, which is an erection caused by hearing one of your male friends, or "bros" relay a story of a recent sexual conquest, a round of golf or a particularly tasty beer, but is an erection caused by a similar story told by a female friend or "gal-pal". Hence, groner

Normally a groner is caused by the description of non-sexual activity between your gal-pal and one or more of her female friends that, when pictured by a healthy, heterosexual male, causes blood to flow to the nether-regions, triggering a groner or even a massive groner for a really good story involving with insinuated "girl on girl" action.
"Dude, my friend Susie was telling me about how she recently got a Brazilian bikini wax and how her best friend had to see how it looked so she just dropped trou and showed off the whole works... I got a total groner and had to un-tuck my shirt just to cover it up... cool story but totally embarrassing!"

(Please note, that relaying a story about the circumstances that caused your groner to one of your male friends may cause him to have a broner or, what is otherwise known as a "second-degree groner")
by schweddy balls November 25, 2009

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