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A term oftenly used by the one and only anklebreaker shogun CoryXKenshin.
Ao oni: *pops up in the room Cory is at*
CoryXKenshin: *miraculously manages to run past ao oni and escapes* HAHAA GET YO ANKLES BROKE!
by schale0306 August 22, 2020
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It's a japanese term for hitting the wall. "Kabe" means "wall" while "don" is a sound effect for hitting something. There are two definitons of this word:

-In romance anime it refers to a situation in which a guy slams his hand against the wall, pinning a girl against it. The guy is usually doing it out of an intense emotion like jealousy or anger, but sometimes it's just flirtatious.

-In general it refers to a situation in which a character hits the wall. Eventually there is some property damage. Usually it involves the main character when they can't fathom the injustice being done upon someone else.

It doesn't have to be only in anime but in real live it's just not that common.
There are a good amount of girls out there that actually really like kabe-don!

I want to try kabe-don.
by schale0306 April 13, 2017
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A YouTuber, truthfully one of the best guys in the world. Many people including myself would like to get to know him personally. The samurai love and support him even though he might not upload for a few months. Very caring and friendly.
Every Samurai: CoryXKenshin is the best guy. I look up to him so much
by schale0306 August 22, 2020
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