Seal Beach is the northernmost coastal city in Orange County California. It is bordered by Long Beach (Los Angeles County) to the north, Huntington Beach to the south, Garden Grove and Westminster to the east and Los Alamitos to the north. The population is about 26,000. The city is home to the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station and it's wildlife refuge, a large Boeing facility, a charming downtown, the longest wooden pier on the west coast, and the "Leisure World" retirement community. Children attend schools in the Los Alamitos School District. Crime is relatively low and residents enjoy a "small town" atmosphere despite being at the crossroads of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Many residents claim that Seal Beach is "the best kept secret" in Southern California and that the quality of life there is unsurpassed. The residential property values tend to reflect that sentiment.
Seal Beach was founded in 1915.
by Mr Mojos Risin February 25, 2007
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an Upper/Middle class city at the northern western tip of Orange County,CA. next to Long Beach. contains the retirement community Leisure World, so half of the population are Frosty Tops. also has many family's and the kids attained schools in the Los Alamitos Unified School system, a good public school system. has the longest wooden pier in california with a Rubby's at the end of it. also has Mainstreet where there are cool shops, great restaurants, and a few popular bars. the beach OK. but not the best because it is so close to Long Beach. better head down to Huntington Beach if you want a cleaner ocean with better surfing waves. people are generally nice with ur typical wealthy people. overall a great place to live because of it's proximaty to LA county.
Seal Beach is cool, but not the most exciting.
by boyii January 5, 2010
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