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When you are being glacial, and icy to people on purpose, to make yourself appear intelligent and aloof.
Usually used to make yourself appear attractive to a member of the opposite sex who is chasing you.
Like playing hard-to-get!
Gina was full of glaciosity at Andy's parteh. She wanted to make Andy chase after her. She ignored him for the whole night!!
by sazzles May 26, 2007

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A party of excitement ... normally one of a celebrity, or someone's that you are hoping to pull, someone hot.
Normally you would spend about a week getting ready for it and would arrive full of glaciosity and also nervousnosity and jelloidnosity... you would hope to get hammered but not embarrass urself!
1) Elle: Its Kate's bday PARTEH next Saturday!
Jen: I am soooo full of ditherosity about what to wear!
Elle: I know, Kate's bro is well fit!

by sazzles May 26, 2007

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A phrase from the Lynx advert
Usually used by girls to describe a guy's hotness
or by men to describe a girl's hotness.
sometimes accompanied with a dance
Girl: Woah! Look at that fitty! BOOM-CHICKA-WAH-WAH!!
*sways hips*

Guy: hmmmm... oo-er!
by sazzles May 26, 2007

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