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See Rule 899
Rule 899 is Rule 93 (this is not)
by sanchopancho02 March 14, 2019

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A plural form of whom.
Note that contractions can be combined.
Whomst've'd been pranked before?
by sanchopancho02 March 26, 2019

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like a garden hut thing
guy 1: *eats nothing* i taste oil
guy 2: it's the gazebo effect
guy 3: you absolute moron it's "placebo effect"
by sanchopancho02 November 10, 2020

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bullshit (verb, informal) (in video games)
To use cheaty or unusual tactics in a game, usually to save time in a speedrun
he bullshitted his way through the stage to get the world record speedrun.
via giphy
by sanchopancho02 October 21, 2020

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