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London slang

used when a person wants to find out what their friends have been up to
person calls said friend and says

safe (friends name) wot u sayin

Friend says: nothin man just chillin,

said friend then replies: wot u sayin bruv?

person then says whatever they want to say to said friend

convasation ensues......
by samuel justin adesanya January 06, 2010

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This happens when a person,another animal and or when playing a computer game for whatever reason, slips(losses their footing) and falls on their face. The spectators then shout


then laugh.
Sam walks in a room

Sam slips and falls on his face

one or more people shout "LIPZ TO THE FLOOR!!!!"

ps: This comment may also be followed by: "That manz not SERIOUS!!!"
by Samuel Justin adesanya June 21, 2007

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A fast drum and deep bassaline mixed with repeated phrases by American president George W Bush .

First used by Comedian Bill Baily

Phrases may include:

1. If you see a terrorist of fund a terrorist.... x 3
Your a terrorist.... x1 (all while a drum n bass beat
plays in the background. thus Drum n Bush
by Samuel Justin adesanya June 21, 2007

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Judo beef is initiated when one or both or sometimes more, martial artists fight each other out of sheer hatred for one another.
one fights another, they both use martial arts:sometimes judo, sometimes other forms of martial arts-the both got Judo beef
by Samuel Justin adesanya June 21, 2007

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An action between 2 or more people. Buckaroo may only be initiated once one or more member's of the group have fallen asleep for a set period of time (usually 5 min). Once this happens,the other members of the group must find objects in the room to place on the sleeper(the person(s) asleep) before he/she wakes up. This is known as buck

The aroo part happens once the sleeper wakes up (sometimes jumps up due to a shock), and finds the objects on them,which is then followed by laughter and or taking the piss (for a looong time) by the other members of the group.

Thus Buckaroo.....

Remember-the more things on the sleeper, the better and funnier the Buckaroo....:-/
1.Sam falls aleep

2. People put stuff on sam before he wakes up

3. Sam wakes up with stuff on him, ie lightbulbs, smelly socks, mouldy cheese etc

4. Others laugh, shout BUckaroo and or "you got buckaroo'd" and take the piss for months to come

5.sam feels stupid
by Samuel Justin adesanya June 21, 2007

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A hot chinese girl who you either want to sleep with and or go out with .
i got chow mein gash

this means-i'm going out or sleeping with a hot chinese girl.
by Samuel Justin adesanya June 21, 2007

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