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a varible time of day in which techno music must be put on without exception.
Tomas: Yo son.. are we gonna play that new 50 Cent track?
Jacob: nahhh nigga. Its Techn O' Clock
Tomas: OH shitt nigga.. i didn't notice.. hit up the ill Tiesto
by Sagrr April 02, 2007

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something so vile or disgusting that it has the capacity to deflate the erection that you may have attained
Samantha looks hot, but the fungus on her beaver is a dick deflator.
by Sagrr September 23, 2007

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the formal and unabbreviated word for piss, unknown by many.
derived from the indian word, pissaloodoodadi, which means cow
Fred: Dude thats my 9th beer. Im gonna go take a pissaloo
Scott: No need to be formal man.. you can say piss.
by sagrr November 07, 2007

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one who is bugging out on a perpetual time base.
Tomas: Yo John, why was Preston bugging out illness last night?
John: Oh.. hes always bugging out.. niggaz a permabug.
by Sagrr April 02, 2007

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watery deposits of foul smelling feces that builds up in the asshole and eventually spreads as far as the asscheeks. Often associated with, but not to be confused with, swamp ass.
Jacob: I got the ill swamp ass
Tomas: Whaz that smell? Jacob, yall got asplooge up in the swamp ass? NIgga that shits nasty
by Sagrr April 02, 2007

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