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a man who participates in homosexual activities.

a.k.a a queer
"hey roy I saw down the gay club last night"

"yeah, i was doing stuff"

"ur such a bum guzzler"
by roy woodhead January 14, 2008
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a word for a geezer who is legend at XBox 360.

if you see him on Xbox Live just give him sum love.

Usually makes love to kermit the frog.
"hey man who is that legend on Call of Duty"

"thats ashamed milk"

"look at him kill those taliban pricks"
by roy woodhead May 07, 2008
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when you threaten somebody with a stick pretending its a razor blade for lauhgs so you can see there reaction.

usually a terrified reaction.
"hey Georgia"


"ITS A RAZOR!!!!!!!!!!!"


by roy woodhead January 14, 2008
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a wasteman who drinks giraffes via the bum
"oi! u zooman u is melestin that giraffe!!!!
by Roy woodhead January 14, 2008
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a total waste who supports liverpool f.c and is really shit at football but thinks hes legend at it.

usually a complete dickhead who gets driven round in convertible BMWs.

cant take penalties
"hey jack h!"


"i am awsome at football and my mum licks BMWs"

"you are shit a footy jack e!"

"yeah i is a liverpool wastecat"
by roy woodhead February 14, 2008
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