3 definitions by rolando

slang; a police car with it's lights flashing
oh shit roller disco....fuck....
pull over....
by rolando December 7, 2003
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trippin- holding fallacious notions about something or about onesself (as one might have from 'trippin' on a hallucinogenic such as LSD). 2. Acting in an inappropriate or bothersome manner.
'straight' is used for emphasis.
He wants $2,000 for that hoopty? That fool's straight trippin.
2. I can't go out tonight cause my mom is straight trippin.
by rolando September 9, 2003
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One who is young and unruly; someone who has not yet learned to wipe properly.
Get over here ya little shitass, 'fore I whoop the shit outta ya and then whoop ya for shittin!
by rolando September 9, 2003
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