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Having to do with priates and their neverending effots to pillage, plunder, and evade
Jason: "Hey bro lets go to the beach and search for some treasure"

Josh: "Thats a pirotic idea mate!!! this shall be more fun than punting gnomes."
by Roflwagoneer September 16, 2009

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1)A pathetic excuse for something to do in a moshpit. Usually preformed by kids that are under a hundred pounds and have never seen protein in their life. Instead of running around in a crazy pit with people laying each other out we have dwindled down to a few kids (usually about 10 or 15) that take up the enitre floor punching air. They are "hardcore" bc they can ruin shows and completely take the fun out of moshing. These people should be destroyed and banned from all concerts for their retarded version of what a nurtured society has deemed worthy of being in a pit.

2) A person who gets knocked the hell out if a see them doing it.
Jason: "hey josh, you see those idiots hardcore dancing in the pit?"

Josh: "yea let's go trash those douches."
by Roflwagoneer October 14, 2008

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The act of ejaculating onto a sleeping females hand, then tickling her face so that she cum slaps herself.
Jason: "how did your hot date go the other night"

Mitchell: "Man that slut passed out on me so I gave her the old spanish pie"
by roflwagoneer February 13, 2009

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