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an amazing father and a wonderful husband. He's been my best friend and partner for 17 years, we share our two amazing children and an adorable dog ginger. Waking up next to him every morning is like a rainbow coming from a rain storm....beauty out of darkness and kissing him good night fills me with the warmth of an open flame...He's on fire baby!!!
the moment I first laid eyes on Jason 17 years ago I knew he was mine forever...Like the key that unlocked my beautiful heart
by robynsag August 11, 2011
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A beautiful soul and an amazing sister who has always been by my side. Since we were little girls she has been my protector and best friend. Her loving smile makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside while her smart ass whit keeps you laughing for hours. I am blessed to call her my sister...for life!!!
someone I can let into my world without judgement....I can always count on Alissa Mae.
by robynsag August 18, 2011
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amazing people with larger then life personalities,beautiful smiles with a bratty nature that people love.
I'm married to one and have 2 beautiful children from my husband KONST...they mean the world to me.
by robynsag August 10, 2011
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