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1. The 15th letter of the English Alphabet.

2. Slang for an "ounce", in reference to drugs.

3. Abbreviation for "orgasm".

4. Abbreviation for "oh".

5. Slang for the work of literature, "Othello", by William Shakespeare, recently cited in the movie "O", a horrible modernization of the Othello story.
1. abcdefghijklmn > O < pqrstuvwxyz

2. Just shmok'd an o, bra. Fo' sho', what's that big floatin' rainbo' doin' flyin' around my space, yo?

3. Why, I just believe I had quite an 'o', dear!

4. O my! That is sooooo kewl!

5. One day Jack walked down to the video store to rent "O". 2 hours later the manager of the store found a mangled copy of "O" stuck sideways into the Tape Return slot.
by robots on parade July 07, 2004

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1. Luxury goods brandname. Famous for the "LV" and flower monograms that are on the purses which became very popular in late 2003. Often illegally replicated.
(louisvuitton.com) for more information.

2. A man born in Anchay in 1821 and revolutionized travel. He died in 1892, and the brandname Louis Vuitton is named after him.

3. Something very expensive looking, cutting-edge in fashion, or fake and replicating.
1. That Louis Vuitton purse sure looks nice on her.

2. Louis Vuitton walked to Paris barefoot to make cases.

3. That Coach bag looks so Louis Vuitton.
by robots on parade June 30, 2004

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1. Multi-task music software created by Apple. Used to synchronize the iPod, organize compressed music files, listen to files, and purchase files from an online store at the price of a dollar each. Loved and hated during its introduction in 2003-2004 because it brought about a revolution in how consumers purchase music.

2. The organization software that comes with the Apple iPod.

3. The bringer of multiple clones of the original iTunes software, such as Real's RealRhapsody. Started the online music purchasing craze.
1. I have to download some songs from iTunes.

2. What's this CD in my iPod box? Hey, it's iTunes!

3. Thanks to iTunes, now it is easy to purchase music online, legally.
by robots on parade June 30, 2004

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A sport based on an athlete riding upon a wide, flat piece of wood with four wheels connected to the bottom. It is both a transportation method, as well as an art form/competitive style event. However, the novelty of skateboarding was obliterated during the turn of the 21st century as a result of several components including;
(1) Clothing brands, fashion accessories
(2) Skater-Punk music (i.e. Avril Lavinge)
(3) A stereotype tab that could be easily manipulated by the media to target teenagers (i.e. anti-drug advertisements, soda commercials)
(4) Video Games (i.e. Tony Hawk's series)
(5) MTV
(and much, much, much more)

Now, skateboarding, the "poseur"'s culture, has been reduced to something of a shambles, something that is despised by everyone. In turn of the culture being ripped apart so harshly by over-exposure, the sport itself is being thought of the same way.

And that is just goddamn wrong.

Maybe someday skateboarding will not have the strings attached to it, the aesthetic expectations, and the millions of rebellious children sucking on its proverbial teats. Hopefully pride will be restored to the once non-conformist sport.
Person A: Only poseurs go skateboarding.

Person B: That's what happens to the public's opinion when something is overexposed and milked dry.
by robots on parade August 22, 2004

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1. Self professed acronym that Latina Pop star Jennifer Lopez began calling herself in 2002.

2. Large, spankable, booty. In reference to Jennifer Lopez's booty.

3. Clothing and accessory line created by Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a., J.Lo

4. Root of insult, J.Ho, in reference to Jennifer Lopez.

5. Former wife of Ben Affleck. See bennifer.
1. J.Lo is getting married again!?

2. Look at that girl over there. She's got quite a J.Lo.

3. Hey, there's a pile of ugly clothes in the gutter! And look what they say on them - J.Lo!

4. That girl who sleeps around is sure a J.Ho.

5. J.Lo and Ben created the fusion known as bennifer.
by robots on parade June 30, 2004

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