5 definitions by roboatse

When a man allows his penis to invert inside his body and a woman uses a strap on dildo (or a man uses his erect penis) to penetrate the whole created by the inverted penis.
I'm so cold honey, quick give me the stuffed turtle before its too late!
by roboatse January 15, 2011
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a musical instrument played by pulling ones penis tight enough to where it can be strummed like a guitar. often used in folk music on nudist colonies.
I was strumming my manjo to the beat of the washboard.
by roboatse July 15, 2008
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someone makes a somewhat amusing post in an internet forum that would usually get a LOL, but you don't think it quite deserved that. Give it a GOTI.
by roboatse June 17, 2008
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I ate too much Mexican food and had to take a huge budo.
by roboatse July 11, 2008
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an arbitrary unit of measure, often used as a joke.
I am 467 arbitrons better than you at stuff.
by roboatse July 15, 2008
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