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The non-official official pronoun referring to any person of ANY gender. Unlike he and she, this word does not need a possessive pronoun form (such as his or her). Rather, the pronoun 'soome' simply carries an 's or s' to the word to create the singular or plural possessive pronoun, respectively. Completely bypasses the requirement for a gender-specific pronoun. Use as freely you would like. :D
Linguistically Outdated Man: Who is she?
Linguistically Outdated Woman: You mean he.
Politically Incorrect Guy: Nuh-uh, that woman is just a dyke.
Lesbian Chick: Why so slang? That dude is just a homo-sexual.
Traditional Elderly Priest: Your lustful,carnal passions shall be the cause of your damnation!
Tran-sexual Man 'on his heat': Whatever you old man. That man is mine!
Bi-sexual Girl: Guy or girl, still cute. ^_^
Pan-sexual Man: Ya, It doesn't matter. Still would bang
Omni-Sexual Person: Foursome...Way?
Toaster: 'Pling!'
Asexual Platonic Person: Not interested.

Androgynous Person (thinking): or soome would be nice as well...
by rndmcmx January 04, 2017
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(Referring to the past) When your fantasies were once realities.
Angel: What happened? Where did the magic go? I guess its all cold now. I miss you Jasmine. I miss the days those emotions weren't just fantealities.
by rndmcmx August 19, 2017
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God Bless Your Soul. Used when one cares enough to sympathize, but feels too lazy or hurried to respond.
Night of essay due:
Kevin: My computer died.
Chris: (frantically typing essay on the side) GBYS. Rip.
by rndmcmx September 05, 2016
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