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A medical condition where a moronic person has their Cranium lodged/inserted through their own Rectal cavity. The Cranium can get as far as the end of the Duodenum, which has been cited in a number of cases. Often, the condition is rendered temporarily, but sometimes the disorder can be lifelong and permanent. When treated, the patient may need the Perineum sutured from the initial Cranial penetration of the Rectal orifice.
Many people with Cranial Rectal Syndrome live their lives oblivious to the fact that they have the condition. Early prevention is vital. Talk to your doctor today if you think you may present any symptoms CRS.
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop June 04, 2007
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When you've been up past three days from doing copious amounts of stimulants,(coke, meth, adderall) sometimes you start to get itchy, twitchy, and often notice "bug" hallucinations in your peripheral vision to be the ones causing the strung out discomfort
I really need to get some sleep cause these shards I've been hittin up for the past t'week now are starting to give me the amphetamites!
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop June 05, 2007
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To sodomize oneself with either fingers, vibrators, dildos, or random objects.
Rectum + Masturbate = Rectabate
When Chavo went to Cuba, his boyfriend Ignacio rectabated himself raw every lonely night.
by Rick Rock and Ya Don't Stop June 20, 2007
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or "would smash" is the expression of one’s desire to have sexual intercourse with a person(s) and or object. Often abbreviated “ws” to mask one’s debauch intent in public.
Guy 1: hey, check out the hottie with the halter pounding away lemon drop after lemon drop at the bar.
Guy 2: yeah, she can’t even keep her eye’s open, let alone stand up straight.
Guy 1: ws?
Guy 2: definitely
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop April 02, 2009
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when you accept the fact that you've lost a possession of your's and you'll never get it back. bill being a reference to the amount of money that the possession is worth. game being a reference to life.
edwin: "i got hella drunk the other night at the bar, and i let this chick take a look at my new iphone. i was so fucked up, that forgot she still had it when i went to go piss. when i came back out, and she was gone. i never got her name."
rick: "man you gotta bill it to the game"
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop September 08, 2008
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The calm, euphoric feeling one gets when one relapses back into drug addiction.
I just broke out of rehab and I’m ready for some peace and relapsation. Where the fuck is my tourniquet!?
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop May 13, 2007
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Whenever it rains heavily.
"Man it's fucking douched out here. I hope I don't hydroplane!"
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop May 12, 2007
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