129 definition by regardless devon victory

one ttack mind is hearing a statement and beleving that it only has one meaning,hearing a song and thinking that each bar,only has one meaning.The secrete too making sure you are not a one track mind person is getting books on writing songs,poems,ect. meaning understanding what meataphors are synonyms,homonymns,puns ect.
I think most humans in the world belevie in metaphors when wrighting music stronger than other ethics...
one track mind
by regardless devon victory July 10, 2008

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seroquil is a drug thats suppose to help people not here voices but many thugs gangsters and prisioners use this medicine as a street drug like extascy etc.
prision slang :do you got that you know what i mean (seroquel)

street/prison slang: Im trying too get high where the hell is the seroquil.
by regardless devon victory May 03, 2008

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stateing a male is a quarter is supposed to be the same as calling a female a dime shouts outs to males for good looks,nice bodys,good music,nice writeing ect.
female slang 1. ah girl that dude is a quarter he keeps money he looks good and hes and entrepanurer

male rap slang 1. im quarter nigga its nothing lower figures
all up in the stincils ah im a quarter nigga..
by regardless devon victory May 10, 2008

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