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co-lined is not exactly the same as coherst but partal;some meanings colined is edification,that you and another person agreeing about the same thing.
as the prefix (co) means in co-op;meaning doing something with some one else.Even thogh colined is suppose to be used only in a dialogue setting,meaning the word dialogue has allready been within neology and one of the neology defts states that dialogue means two people haveing a conversation see dialogue in literture.
If a word like fruition comes up it should be seperate educational deafts if you were looking at a glossary,in an educational book,economics fruition deaft would be different than fruition in biolgy,and so on. if people are haveing arguments in their life about words they might need too be stronger psycologicaly,and not restitute on a one track mind statement,meaning understanding the anatomy of definitions...
by regardless devon victory July 10, 2008
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