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What George W. Bush was to the world, Lil Wayne is to the rap game.

Shot himself accidentally one time at 12 years old. I mean dur, hey idiot, what are you doing playing with a gun? Leave it the fuck alone if you don't know how to handle it retard.

He's beefing with his former ghost writer Gillie Da kid for exposing him as the fake he is... Hey Lil Wayne, if you're the best rapper alive, then Gillie just takes it to a whole new level huh? I mean he wrote mostly all of your shit for The carter III.

He has many fans EVERYWHERE who would make my point about something being SERIOUSLY wrong with today's weed. It's like it subliminally makes you think Lil Wayne is the shit or something. Of course it also makes you retarded so anytime anyone tells them Lil wayne sucks, they retaliate with the usual "You a hater" line, and can never really say anything intellectual to back up their whole "opinion" on why they think Lil wayne is the best. Don't believe me? Look at all these definitions on Lil Wayne here that are on his side. All of them are "Fuck y'all haterz". I mean wow, I know you're stupid but at least learn to spell correctly.

He can freestyle? Oh yeah, free styling is easy when you know the lyrics XD, but then, hmm, that's not really a freestyle is it?

He collabs with every other aspiring artist today, which pretty much fucks up their careers afterwords. One wonders how he is in LA one hour and appears in Memphis the very next... does he have some gay twin or...
George W. Bush and Lil Wayne- The worst things to happen in the history of their trades.

Bitch, you weren't SHIT without Gillie Da Kid, you better start kissing his ass, but not literally. And don't try to kiss him in the mouth either cause he will kill your ass... Oh yeah, dumbass, you shot yourself in the stomach, not the brain but um... find other names to name your solo albums other than your last name OK?

You need to guest host on "Home makeover" to make a home for all your dick riding fans out there, so they can have a safe haven from all the real niggas out there, because we can't go on another day tolerating people who tell us you're the best rapper alive. Better yet, make it a school so they can learn to say smart shit, instead of "You a hater".

Get a life. No, shut up, killing hip-hop is no life bitch, you should go to jail for that, and one day, there will be a law saying no wack shit shall be played on the radio. And then what the fuck are you going to do? So go to college with all "your" money, your in quotation marks because you basically stole it with your foul mouth lies, learn something useful and come back as a successful lawyer or something.

If you're not going to do that, leave other artist's alone. Go collab with other wack artists like Justin Bieber but nobody we like, like Kevin Rudolph or Electrik Red.

And you better not try to kiss me for writing this you fag.
by Raw Doggy May 20, 2010

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Old ass 40 something year old kid who still thinks the phrase "That's what she said" is hilarious
Steve carell, grow up already man
by Raw Doggy April 05, 2010

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The group was good back in the day with Kim Hill.

Nowadays they're just way, WAY overrated, by idiots who don't really follow music, just listen to whatever the fuck. Most of them don't even know that Kim Hill got replaced by Fergie's hoe ass, which is probably the reason they are, again, overrated.

I just don't know what to say about the black eyed peas. Money didn't change them, Fergie did.
You know, the Black Eyed Peas got a review one time, saying that they had some of the most original beats ever. The people who did that review obviously haven't heard "Pump it" or whatever that song is called
by Raw Doggy April 04, 2010

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Ke$ha wanted in the music industry so bad. As a joke, one of her friends told her "Just suck somebody's dick that works there".

The next thing you know, she has a deal. Now she makes crap that nobody can stand to listen to, except softcore juggalos and juggalettes and people who are fucked up off their ass.

Her music is roughly (after editing) 98% auto tone, 2% her. I think she failed kindergarten AT LEAST once. Nobody stresses the letter "R" quite like her (What is swaggerrrr and who is Mick Jagerrrr?).
Ketchup, I mean, Ke$ha will probably stop being played on the radio by next week, tops.
by Raw Doggy April 06, 2010

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A once great R&B singer who, recently, became a meal ticket for aspiring artists, (Justin Bieber, who thinks he's the shit because he knows Usher).

I think I'm going to download a copy of Fruity Loops studio and use nothing but the demo song, remake it 20 ways and add lyrics of wanting to have sex with bitches, befriend Usher and, get a deal, post my shit on YouTube and then see how many hits I can make. Boy I sure hope people appreciate my took-me-10-minutes-to-make-a-song music.

I still believe even Usher knows how big of a mistake he made with Justin Bieber. Justin probably wouldn't shut up about giving him a deal so Usher did it to shut him up.
On Usher's new song, the part that goes "Oh, My, God" is really just about how whack Justin is.
by Raw Doggy May 09, 2010

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Say they represent the people, but really only give a fuck about the rich. Don't do much for the people, but they want to thoroughly check our backgrounds extensively. Since they don't do anything for the people, they need to mind their own fuckin' business and stay the fuck up out of ours. Let us coexist, but refuse to acknowledge each other.

Do not approve of gay marriage while about 80% of them are gay themselves.

Do not approve of abortion although they approve of war, genocide and having a death penalty is OK. Technically the unborn baby isn't alive until it passes the first trimester, from when it stops being an embryo (Zygote) and is considered a fetus.
Example of the Republican Party?
George W. Bush
by Raw Doggy May 17, 2010

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A badass, smoked out, locced out muppet from the SS, AKA Sesame Street. His reputation puts infamous characters like Suge Knight, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, Hitler (Well you get the point) to shame.

Has his own segment on sesame street, it's called "Elmo's world". Just to show some perspective into his evil mind. Doesn't that give you a hint that he wants to own the whole world? (please don't tell him I said that... PLEASE!)

Unless you live there, I just wouldn't even go down Sesame Street at all. If that's your usual route to wherever it is you go, a piece of advice: take a detour. An extra 5 minutes of being lost is worth your life.

Some sources say that he is affiliated with the likes of Big bird AKA "papa peck", Baby bear AKA "Big Biz", Alvin and the chipmunks, cookie monster and Kermit the Frog. That would be true. The same source also claims he is connected with Bert and Ernie but that's some bull. He doesn't fuck with those two faggots.

You'll usually see him around the big plaza of Sesame Street. If he's by himself, don't even talk to him. But if he's with his girlfriend Zoe, he'll be a little more patient with your biz.

He is rumored to be Elmo by day (A badass), and grover by night (A superhero). I can neither confirm nor deny that information.

One last time so you understand: He is cute, but EXTREMELY dangerous. If you see this individual, please call 1-800-ELMO-DIE. Remember you CAN remain anonymous.
While there isn't enough proof, it is said that elmo stole the lyrics of all your favorite artists and gave them to Alvin and the chipmunks, who then cashed the lyrics and songs as their own and became rising stars on YouTube, practically overnight.

Elmo- great businessman, but the truth, do not mess with him.
by Raw Doggy April 05, 2010

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