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A store...Preps, goths, normal people, rednecks, etc. shop there. Going to the store does not stereotype you. Every1 on here that thinks so is just as bad as a fucking prep. I personally think hot topics prices suck balls and they've sold out over the years, going softer and softer.
Idiot #1: People who shop at hot topic are gothic.
ME: God, your fucking dumb.
by Rat October 14, 2004

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Older high school kids.
immaturity @ its finest.
the guys are faggots
the girls are sluts
hey man, lets go kick the shit out of some jesuit fags.
by rat July 14, 2003

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to test software
is it plymouth proof? if not it fails the test
by Rat June 19, 2003

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a ring through you lip also called labret errr
by rat September 21, 2003

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