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teenage mutant turtles trained by their giant rat master
ninjas are turtles as well as mammals
by raphael April 01, 2003
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Bloody good footballer who is 6ft 6" and performs with some bloody good headers. Crouchy plays for Liverpool FC and England, and he's rather good.
by raphael June 18, 2006
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Being in the mood to hack at vegetation with a stick or similar item
He felt so hewish that the plant was utterly destroyed.
by raphael January 15, 2003
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An automobile, generally of import classification, that is souped up and characterized by use of stickers and decals that do not match any manufacturer of the car, spoilers that look like airplane landing gear, and hideous paintjobs and fart cans. See also rice rocket.

Note: rice cars may be driven by eggs or rice boys. Rice cars are not solely an Asian phenomenon.
"Check out Joe's rice car. He's got Celica lights on that shit, and that's an Acura. Look at that spoiler, too... man, that is the ugliest shit ever."
by raphael February 19, 2003
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Host of the hit popular late night variety TV show Macina Tonisht.
Im watching Raphman.
by raphael December 04, 2003
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An item, according to Dr Suess, which is most definately required.
You need a thneed.
by raphael January 15, 2003
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The modern term for adelphopoiesis, a medieval Christian ceremony uniting two men (or less often, two women) in a bond similar to heterosexual matrimony. Although adelphopoiesis vows resembled traditional marriage vows, they did not include a sanction of sexual relations between the couple.
For more information see John Boswell, "Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe", New York, Villard Books, 1994.
The earliest written record of gay marriage is from a ceremony performed by a Catholic priest in the eighth century.
by raphael November 17, 2004
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