3 definitions by rancid

when ur internet is busy raping somone and cant display the page
error 382, page cannnot be bothered with
by rancid April 16, 2004
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Goofa, A horrible Creature with the worst acne ever. There is not one plat piece of skin on its face. Its skin is like the Mountain Ranges in the LOTR. From the Black Lagoon, Horryfying to see.
"Goofa needs Soap"
"You look like a Goofa"
"Your Face is like a Goofa"
"Your Ass is like a Goofa"
by rancid November 11, 2004
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too large for description or comparison
Rod's rod was sobig, it ripped Shantee apart
by rancid August 27, 2003
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