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What people write in your yearbook when they don't really know you and are trying to think of something nice to say.
Kristen didn't actually know Molly, so when Molly asked her to sign her yearbook, Kristen wrote:

Hey, Molly! We had a great year, huh? You're such a cool person. Don't ever change. HAGS!
by rainbowfish May 27, 2010
Mother of the reverse mullet and eight kids.
The only thing wackier than Kate Gosselin's family situation is her hairdo.
by rainbowfish June 3, 2010
Miley Cyrus' latest squeeze. This Aussie actor was relatively unknown until he landed a role opposite the Disney tween idol in the Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song. Will no doubt become a heartthrob for thousands of girls bored with Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers. Destined to be "that guy, the one Hannah Montana dated."
Girl 1: Hey, do you remember that movie that came out when we were in high school called The Last Song?
Girl 2: Oh, yeah. It had that hot guy in it, what's-his-name.
Girl 1: I know who you're talking about. That guy who dated Hannah Montana for like five minutes. I think his name was Leon something.
Girl 2 (Google searching): Liam Hemsworth!
by rainbowfish March 22, 2010
The use of modern technology, especially text messages, to incriminate a cheating spouse. Popularized after the Tiger Woods scandal.
George got caught in a Tiger trap; his wife found all the steamy texts he'd sent to the waitress at Applebee's, and now she wants a divorce.
by rainbowfish March 23, 2010