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Gay: either you are born gay or not gay is one definition ..or you conform to societies expectations of what you should do and how you should pro create until one day eureka,you decide you haven't tried all your options..and if you did like a girl when you were a kid and you want to try it again..

There are lots of different types of being gay,whether you are a) confused b) bi -sexual..or definately gay..which is something a lot of people cannot do..without being rejected by friends,family and co workers..

Some people are even beaten up and threatened over this.Being gay is not an easy thing to come out and be straight up about..

Being gay is not positively illustrated on our radio stations ,t.v networks or in our religious and educational institutions,there may have even been some gay people in our history who were famous for inventing or recording something great!But because for instance..in some countries,like muslim countries being gay is an 'offence' punishable by death,these people could not come out.
In other countries you can be put in prison for being gay,being gay is something that a lot of people do not choose and yet feel conflicted about it.
Being Bi sexual is even harder,as you can be judged harshly by the gay community,Bi sexuals often times (no pun intended) lead double lives.
Gay people in the media are never represented they way they should be even on shows like the L word they always dumb it down,and make them all out to be promiscuis and nasty..Real Gay people in the 'party it up' gay community are rare,but when you find them,they are not anything like you see on T.V,they are straight up,they are real,and they are not fake haters(eg women with man issues,men with women issues or whatever),they are genuinely who they are.
by rainbowcommunity October 29, 2010
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