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A pratitioner of the act of vegetable genocide be it for cultural, environmental or medical reasons. (see also, herbivore)
by radio August 09, 2003
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Multiple Facial Cock Slaps
In the porno that Josh rented, it showed graphic acts of MFCS.
by radio November 22, 2003
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A cult until enough people join that doesn't necessarily, but may, include the idea of a fixed diety. A modern equivalent of this is known as Pop Culture, or Mainstream.
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all lost their religion once they were forced to write about it by a king named James.
by radio November 22, 2003
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Following the Reaganite maxim, "War on..", an aggressive way of rooting out "evil" (see War on Terrorism)known as the most pathetic waste of time and resources since NASA.
"Only users lose drugs."
by radio August 05, 2003
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