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Another word for donkey or

A butt
My ass died.

"Oooohhh look at that ASS! ;)"
by r3v3nger January 05, 2017

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1. (N) A last name of a famous soccer player Frasisco, Bahamondes

2. (N) a last name commonly in Spanish family's

3. (N) it means 'underworld' or 'beautiful world'
1. You know Francisco, Bahamondes the soccer player?

2. Teacher: "what's your last name again?"
Me: "bahamondes"

3. We live in a bahamondes

I wonder if we go to the bahamondes when we die?
by r3v3nger January 05, 2017

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When a normally straight person is strongly attracted to a person of the same sex.
*averagely attractive girl walks by*
lily: woah she's sooo beautiful!!"
lily's mind: WAIT WHY IS MY HEART BEATING?? no... I'm not gay I'm just intimated because she's prettier then me..

*attractive girl walks up*

lily's mind: fuck fuck fuck fuck she's so pretty wait no no no no agghhghh I'VE NEVER THIS BEFORE FOR A GIRL WHAT IS THIS???!! Am I having a gay attack?.. yeAH that's explains it..?
by r3v3nger September 09, 2018

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Very awkawrd emo gal
Person: You know emmi?
Other person: The emo girl?
by r3v3nger April 04, 2019

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