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Yessir is a word used for saying yes in different and fun way. Saying yessir can ether mean that your being sarcastic or just simply saying yes. Yessir can be used in many ways, Yessir is a great way to say yes.
person 1: you going to bree’s house?

person 2: Yessir
by queen9999677883827 February 18, 2020

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A huge black woman sitting on top while forcing you to eat her weave and shove your face in her asshole while you cum on her stomach
person 1 : yooo what did u a bobisha fo last night ;)
person 2: she did definitely pulled a dirty bobisha doe
by queen9999677883827 April 16, 2020

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a small native woman who forces u to eat her out while she gives you a hickey then she proceeds to make you shave her landing strip.
person 1: what did you and torrun do last night?

person 2: “dirty torrun” that’s all i gotta say
by queen9999677883827 April 17, 2020

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