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1.facebook friends acquired as the result of sending friend requests while in an altered state of mind.
John has 20 new cocktail friends after friday night.
by pyra023 October 20, 2010

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1. the art of changing the topic of converstion by cleverly interrupting and redirecting the topic without being obvious.
After listening to Herman incesstantly babbling about a fence post I applied the butt and switch method.
by pyra023 September 10, 2010

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1.the moment that occurs when one questions themselves, Did I just say that, because I meant to just think it? 2. the moment one is lacking impulse control and wishes they were invisible.
Mark doesn't think you're ugly. He must have had an Ah-oh moment.
by pyra023 September 09, 2010

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:drunk ä-mə-tər, the inner sense one has, to know when they have had enough to drink.
When I drink beer I know when I've had enough and when to stop. Apparently when I drink Vodka martinis, my drunkometer does not work.
by pyra023 December 18, 2010

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