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1. A strong and beautiful woman
1. Sumi Das, Sumi Jo, hapa Sumi, Sumi-e....... amor Sumi justo de I.
by Pussy_Power December 24, 2003

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1. a place wear all your fantasies
come true.
2. A former teenage boyband which lacked some talent and was chessy
but oddly at the same time was very HOT!! (for some reason chessy pop
can be very fun at times)
1. Wow that sex last night with
Orlando Bloom, John Mayer, and Justin Timberlake was amazing! So JM really does have a 15 incher?!
Things like things happen only on
Dream Street!

2. That article in The New York Times Magazine on Dream Street Break up was interesting. Their managers sound like such idiots. Who knew the guys mag was identical to a porn mag?!
by pussy_power December 24, 2003

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1. having guts
2. female power
1. That tooks eggs for that women to
confronting her sexist boss on
how she is being less than her
male co-workers.
2. That girl hasm some eggs!!
by Pussy_Power December 23, 2003

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noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection

1. A kick ass women who is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her rights.

note: Heartless Bitch are not man- haters!
1. Heartless Bitch: look I'm sorry I don't wan't go back to your apartment.

Guy: I get it your a frigid bitch.

Heartless Bitch: actually I'm their queen.

2. guy: Lets go back to my place and have some fun. We can do it nice and slow.

HB: Sorry i'm not really in mood right now.

guy: c'mon I know your in the mood. I'll show a real good time.

HB: Thanks for dinner but I have to go.

guy: aw c'mon girl.

HB: Oh why don't you just masturbate and get over it!?

Heartless Bitches International: heartless-bitches.com
by pussy_power December 23, 2003

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