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someone who is not fun.
i used to hang out with the guy but now he is a real frangephone.
by pseudonym November 30, 2004
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nut freeze is when ure nuts freeze to the porch cuz ure naked in the wintertime like a dumbass.
OOH! are ure nuts frozen to the porch?
(wine from dog)
Okay i'll get a spatula.
(louder wine from dog)
by pseudonym March 31, 2004
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A word used when refering to every second Christmas. Similar to biannual, but Christmas specific.
The pagent was held every binoel.
by pseudonym February 10, 2005
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Girls who attend Riverside, aka sluts and skanks
Ewww, look at that Riverslut! She forgot her skirt, and her shower! What a skank!
by pseudonym January 16, 2005
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A. the result of teenage drinking or purple haze in the lungs; noone knows the true meaning

B. a verb referring to the act of ja rule pulling a pen and pad out of his louie button purse.

C. perhaps giving a boy respect

D. first appeared in 'What Dem Want' of the Game's cd bringing N.W.A (nicca's with attitude) back to the game.

E. a word that rhymes with many other
by Pseudonym January 09, 2005
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this word means abosolutly nothing..nothing at all..its just a retarded word that a retard made up...its pointless and stupid..
issac came up with this retarded non word word....
by pseudonym December 14, 2004
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This is not a real word but is mostly heard when non-germans like to try and imitate what a German would say. It is mostly related to Blitzkrieg.
Blitzenkriegen jiezen houfzhoun.
by Pseudonym November 16, 2004
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