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An extremely large (if not totally obese) goth person.

The fattest goth you've ever seen.

A morbidly obese person who tries to secure a position in a social group by picking the most outcast group they can think of; this last few years that's been the goths.
Dressed as such merely for the advantage of "fitting in" with another set of people other than the rest of the hippos.
Shay is such a friggin' gothapotamus! I wish she would just put down the twinkies & take shower. I sooooo don't want to try to outrun the police in a graveyard with her!
by pookita September 3, 2009
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The most AWESOME cartoon ever in the whole wide world.
"Holy shit! Is Metalocalypse on yet? Did I miss it? PLEASE tell me I didn't miss it.
It's the one where they wake up a lake troll with the Necronomicon book of spells! Rad!"
by pookita September 3, 2009
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An adjective referring to an object of undetermined width &/or diameter that it somewhat long but not necessarily straight.
(Stephanie) "Why Katherine, what IS that oblong device lying on the corner of your bed?"

(Katherine) "Oh! Well Stephanie, that would be my new personal massager from 'Good Vibrations'. It is somewhat long but not necessarily straight!"
by pookita September 3, 2009
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People who don't always necessarily publish a really funny or really true definition just because...... well because they suck, I guess.
I have written some of the funniest words & definitions I can think of & these damn Urban Dictionary Editors keep sending me e-mails saying that they are rejected. DAMNIT!
by pookita September 3, 2009
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