13 definition by playa

also goes by Bink, Blue, or Assmaster; someone who is obsessed with getting good grades and big butts. sometimes called an asshole
Sir Mix A Lot has nothing on Binh when it comes to butts.
by Playa February 20, 2005

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A fully erect, hard penis. An erection.
"That bitch got me 'brick'.
by Playa November 24, 2002

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an adj used to call someone who is immature or to call something that is fake EBONIC TERM
Oh Boy... That boy soo baaaby. OR That is so baby.
by playa April 06, 2005

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His real name is Terrel Owens he is the greatest wide out of all times no other wide out can even come close to being as good as his he is like the Ali of football. Since he knows that he is good and no one can stop him he brags about it and makes his opponets even look weaker. The best part about Terrel is that he plays for the Eagles.
he is the worlds greatest and is a pimp while doing it.
by playa May 06, 2005

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sellin drugz on da streetz.
keepin it real
"Yo what that niggah be doin?" "He be grinding on 13th and Cotton"
by playa February 17, 2003

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some one who loves themself
oh my god that gurl is such a ria
by playa August 22, 2003

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