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A Green Day song, but also a phrase used to describe someone who's totally out of it.Foggy-headed, dazed, or acting generally high though not under the influence of drugs. Can also be used to describe someone with a bad cold who is only awake because they've ODed on Nightquil
"Man, that movie was awesome! What do you want to do now?"
"Uuughh? Yeah,that sounds good..."
"Dude, you're totally 409 In Your Coffeemaker today."
by plataypusIhateyou October 12, 2005
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A sharp, upward slap to the back of the head given to someone acting blaringly stupid. Originated from Special Agent Gibbs from NCIS who employs this manuver often.
"Dude, your mom is so hot."
"What? Well she is..."
by plataypusIhateyou October 7, 2005
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