2 definitions by pinka

Someone who is interested in several of the following things:
vegetarianism/veganism, the environment, animal rights, gay rights, mild recreational drugs, feminism, New Age spirituality, or organic produce.
Stereotypical neo-hippie attire includes loose, comfortable clothing like peasant tops, skirts and sandals. Homemade clothing is common among the truly hardcore, as it appeals to their anti-capitalist sensibilities. Long hair is popular with both males and females.
'Did you see the new neighbors? They have a daughter named Marigold, and they're meditating in tie-dyed tunics on the front lawn. What neo-hippies'
by pinka March 19, 2006
Result of a gangbang, when several guys finish in the girl, and its all mixed together.
She loves sex so much, she usually ends up with a cosmic milkshake.
by pinka November 12, 2014