Nineth Is a very heart warming person and will brighten up your day with her singing and funny annoyingness and will always have your back. Nineth is a very unique name and she was raised with a purpose. She always chooses to help people no matter what situation she's in. She would take a bullet for a complete stranger. Because that's how caring she is. And even though she has been through hell, she fights and fights to get through all those tough times, and never gives up. She surrounds herself with good people and trys to make good choices. And even when she's in the wrong she trys to realize it and when she does she apologizes and trys to move past the situation. Nineth is a very headstrong person, stubborn but beautiful. Fight like hell to keep her in your life.
Nineth you might fall! Be careful! Ugh you play too much!❤
by Thetruthisrough. March 22, 2019
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hey yo it’s january nineth you gotta give that girl ur hoodie
by ****ur****mom**** January 8, 2020
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Congriss gave us the rest of the rights they didn't want to write down
We can do drugs becuse of the Nineth Amendment
by LightningNinja2 July 4, 2008
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1.To take something to a lower level
2.To make a phrase dirtier
3.A underworld from a wierd porno movie
When John talked about a priest raping a baby, he took the conversation to the ninth underword.
by EviLSPriteCaN December 27, 2003
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