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An expression which is just regular, not special, emotionless, but true.
/(Regular) (expression)/ is a /$1 $2/.
See regular expression for a proper use.

Today, the sun is shining, it is a sunny day today!

Butterfly is an insect.

True is not false.

Beautiful flowers have short lives.
by pieceocake November 29, 2012
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An abbreviation of irregular expression.

Invented by Apple.
Try iregex, irregular expression without google.
by pieceocake November 29, 2012
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Acronym for Dutch: Koffie verkeerd (in French: Café Latte).

Opposite of regular coffee, which is without or little coffee milk.
Contains at least 60% milk.
Not to be confused with latte macchiato or decafe.
'Doe maar koffie verkeerd!'
'koffie verkeerd!!!'

Pardon? I am sorry, I couldn't understand. Can you say it in English?

Sure. Give me an irregular coffee!
by pieceocake November 29, 2012
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Acronym for "but why is that".
Derived from the commercial term "WAZZUP" of the Budweiser pilsener beer. Which does not clarify the reason if someone cannot say a word going miserably. The solution is changing a nuance to the full word instead of the short one which appears to be a certainly more sympathetic attention to the one suffering, still supposed to cheer the one up.
This solution opens the heart and letting her to clarify her feelings.
Used often to cheer a lady you met at glance.
Well, dunt know... I just feel unaccepted when I keep walking with the shoes my ex-boyfriend gave me.
Hey, that looks all right!
Yeah, but my mom's wearing it too...
by pieceocake March 17, 2011
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