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Pink curley labia typically found on a white womens vagina.
She must have been a natural strawberry blonde by the look of her very pink ham ruffle.

Edward smiled with anticipation and astonishment when he discovered Ruth’s exposed ham ruffle. He couldn’t wait to gently stretch it with his fingertips.
by pie master August 08, 2006

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An and extremely wet, naturally lubricated vagina capable of making a squish sound when penetrated.
That bitches squish pie was noisey and made one hell of a mess.
by pie master August 03, 2006

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Mackerel is a common name of different fish species, mostly from the family Scombridae.
I'm not much of a mackerel snacker.

by pie master August 13, 2006

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Letters used to abbreviate the statement “Fine ass piece of ass” associated with spotting a foxy lady.
Yo Bro.....check our that F.A.P.O.A

I'd like to tap that F.A.P.O.A
by pie master August 12, 2006

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1.SMACKa quick sharp noise which can be made by rapidly compressing or penetrating a penis against or into a PATTYa little pie / mound in this case a clean shaven wet vagina.

2. A hot wet vagina typically clean shaven allowing a "smack" sound to be present upon each cock thrust.

I love banging her hot little smack patty.

She loves my sewing maching ass powering my shaft as it relentlessly pounds in and out of her helpless smack patty.
by pie master August 12, 2006

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