3 definitions by piaggio

the man who will one day change the world by digging a tunnel through pluto so that it is accessible by mopeds
mopeds are annoying, they make funny noises
by piaggio November 5, 2004
A TV show where posh english people do jackass style stunts
did you know some posh english kids are gonna make a TV show called Smart Arse?
by piaggio January 4, 2005
A hot spicy green paste-like sauce used widely in japanese cuisine, especially with sushi. Has a taste reminiscent of horseradish or mustard, but much stronger. Real wasabi is made from grinding the stem of the Japanese horseradish plant (wasabia japonica) and mixing it with water. However the most common wasabi is fake wasabi, made from European horseradish, mustard and green food colouring.
2. wasabi snooters (jackass: the movie)
3. Here's your sushi and wasabi
by piaggio December 5, 2004