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A] Someone who annoys the living fuck out of you, or a social party.

B] Someone who doesn't own at many games.

C] An alternate South-Wales name for "Renegade Lemonade"
A] "That fucking Roganimns a fucking cunt."

B] "Dude, he's almost as bad as a Roganimn."

C] "Chris, Pass me the... The... The Ren... The Rene.. The Rog... The Roganimn."
by ph34r73h3viL August 28, 2008

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Such a phrase should only be used when you cannot remember what you were originally talking about, and need time to think. Instead of saying "Ummm" or "Errr", you would say "Fucking..." Followed, after a slight pause, by "...Wolverine."
Phillip, to Ben; "Dude, I just had a thought! You look like Fucking, Wolverine."

Ben; "What?"

Phillip; "Fucking, that pirate guy from that film, you know the one."
by ph34r73h3viL August 30, 2009

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