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to piss while on your knees, usually while someone is watching/near you.
Person 1: Dude peeing drunk is so hard.
Person 2: Not if you pgore.
by pgore November 21, 2005
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when you drink so much soda and eat so much candy that you have constant diarrhea.
i feel sick, i pulled the pgore.
by pgore November 17, 2005
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a guy who thinks hes funny and constantly tells jokes that involve making fun of people. Usually one who plays way too much FPS and says "noob" or asks people if they are new in excessive amounts.
That vogina thinks hes sweet
by pgore November 21, 2005
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a small boy, usually a freshman, who looks like a baby pterodactyl when they charge at you with a dodgeball. Baby pterodactyls never go out when you hit them.
Person 1: Dude wtf i just hit baby pterodactyl.
Baby pterodactyl: nehhhhh
by pgore November 22, 2005
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