3 definitions by petrabbit

a prostitute that loiters in truck-stop parking lots having sex with truckers for money and dope,she moves from one trucker to the next like a lizard moves from rock to rock
dude look at that lot lizard talkin to that trucker,ha she just got in!
by petrabbit March 15, 2009
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the little old lady that lives in your hood and sells candy to all the kids in the hood and in many cases has been known to sell drugs to the adults in the hood.
KID:mom can i have a dollar for the candy lady?

MOM:ill go with you baby moma wants some candy too!
by petrabbit March 15, 2009
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someone who was big at one point and lost alot of wieght often through Gastric Bypass Surgery and has left over skin from the stomach that hangs and covers the genetals and uper thighs like a skirt
dude shes got a pretty face but she needs to stop wearing belly shirts,i can see her meat skirt!!
by petrabbit February 6, 2010
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