1) a bariatric surgery performed for rapid weight loss on severely obese people.

2) A bariatric surgical mishap where the surgeon mistakenly connects your esophagus to your ass and you end up shitting and farting out of your mouth.
Steve had gastric bypass surgery last year. He’s lost 200 pounds and looks great, except for the fact that he now has to stick his head in the toilet to poop.
by joseph blough July 6, 2023
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a code name for drinking beer usually associater with a feeding tube (beer bong)
code becomes un deciperable when enough slang words are used and plans for getting drunk can be made infront of adults

another codeword is friendship (liquour)
k-dizzle: yo devin we got to hit up the gastric bypass surgery hooked up to the feeding tube this weekend
devin: most def dude im sick of all the friendship we've been having lately
by k dizzle April 2, 2005
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