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When a sweaty fat fuck has folds of fat on their back that resemble saggy granny titties.
"that fat slut was walking around with her shirt wedged in her rackback.
by pete burns September 15, 2007
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Shit on a sluts chest, grab her head, then slide back and forth on your ass while you slam your dick down her throat and face fuck her.
"i'm about to hook up with that german exchange student, i heard that bitch is always down for chocolate bobsledding."
by pete burns September 15, 2007
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1.The result of generations of inbreeding. The eyes have spread apart resembling a hammerhead shark. This is to adapt to the the hostile environment of an incestuous household by allowing the hammerhead to see their father stalking his prey .

2.When a hammerhead sucks you off and begins to spas out vigorously slamming her enormous forehead onto the head of your dong.
"who invited the hammerhead to the party! She pissed herself on the bed and smeared shit all over the bathroom floor."

"that fat slut made my cock piss in two streams from her hammerhead."
by pete burns September 15, 2007
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seek out the fattest bitch with the flabbiest arms and do as follows: make her drink a fifth of 151(you may want a bottle for yourself too), get 3 other friends and a camera, take her excess arm and/or leg jello and wrap it around your taliwacker proceeding to perform coitus with it as your friends assault her other limbs.
why do you have bed sores on the backs of your arms and legs Rosie, have you been laying in bed surfacing to harriet the spy for days on end again?
No not since last week, I agreed to make pigs in a blanket with the Baldwin brothers.
by pete burns October 14, 2007
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when you fuck a bitch after shitting and not wiping you then immediately slide across her body on your ass while your both sweaty to get out of bed.
"i left a rocky road mudslide on that bitches stomach and left the room before she noticed."
by pete burns September 15, 2007
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