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The act of transferring phlegmy saliva into a woman's vagina or a male's anus and then swallowing it back.
I farmer's coughed my boyfriend which made me puke and get a shitty taste.
That fuckin Asian slut charged me fifty bucks for farmer's coughing her!
by Peppolla September 08, 2009
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When somebody flatulates after ejaculation has happened inside its rectum after anal intercourse. This creates a rather amusing spray of sperm.
My Boyfriend Milk blasted all over my face last night after some hard core anal before a quick titan toss before bedtime
hey, can you milk blast on my tities?
by peppolla April 28, 2010
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An Act of homosexual intercourse. It involving to males in which they both retreat their foreskin and press their glans together. Then, the first male rolls up his foreskin on both of their glands. Finally, the second male rolls his foreskin over the other males one.
We couldn't separate our dicks after the salami overlap
My cock and bolex ripped open when I fell backwards while salami overlapping!
by peppolla October 14, 2009
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