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These are men who spend a lot of time tracking a female to find out if she is a whore. He has built up his knoledge of females to spot if a girl is just a cock tease, or if indeed she is a boomerang whore, and therefore he already knows if the girl is worth any of his time and money. Usually these men are found in offices and it is their female workers that they are "Whore Tracking".
Seth: I've been checking out Sandra from accounts for two weeks and I don't know if I could get some sex with her. What do you think, you are apparently the best "Whore Tracker" in the city.
Barnaby: I've been "Whore Tracking" Sandra for a week now, and she is definately ripe for sex, she would be on top of you in a matter of minutes, just ask her to dinner and you are guaranteed a lay.
Seth: Thats great! I'll ask her round to my place on Tuesday, thats when my wife is at weight watchers.
by Paul Fleming July 19, 2006
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A "Whore Seeker" is the name given to a male who will visit certain locations to look for sex. He will generally visit places he knows whores vacate, such as gyms, Bars, and supermarkets. He is never fussy but refuses to pay for sex. He is not concerned with appearance and lives by the motto that there is no such thing as bad sex.
Suzzie: I met a guy at the gym yesterday, he took me to his place, made love to me, then took a pepsi from my fridge and left saying he had better sex with his 65 year old aunt. I was so upset.
Leslie: Don't take it personally, he sounds like a "Whore Seeker" and you made it easy for him and you need to have a little more self respect.
Suzzie: I know, it really upset me because it was my last pepsi.
by Paul Fleming July 17, 2006
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These individuals are addicted to websites. This condition often stems from the lack of a role model as a child, but can be blamed on anything from boredom, to an obsession with a particular field. The subject often visits the same sites over and over in the hope finding something new, much like a dog keeps checking his food bowl incase more food has been left for him. Normally reside in the North East of Scotland.
Kellie: Whats wrong with Simon these days? I called him last night and he said he was online and just hung up on me. It was really rude of him.
Steven: Don't take it personally, I was talking to his Mum and she said the phsychiatrist diagnosed him as a "Website Junkie". He just can't keep away from the internet.
Kellie: Oh, I thought he was just fucking rude.
by Paul Fleming July 12, 2006
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This is another description of a trolley boy. When still at college I collected trolleys for a large supermarket, and this was the job description for that job.
To make sure that the customers have access to a trolley if they require one.
Quintin: Great news everyone, I got a new job today at the supermarket!
Sammie: Thats great! What job is it?
Quintin: I'm an Internal Transport Communicator!
Sammie: Sounds important, how would people shop without a trolley? I'm so proud of you!
by Paul Fleming July 10, 2006
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1. Most commonly these things are known as children.
2. After a whore has slept around, These parasites are developed inside a female slut for 9 months before being removed by a Whore Doctor.
3. The most hateful creatures on the planet.
4. An excuse for women not going to work, and an excuse for them to sit around the house all day doing nothing.
Carla: I don't know what to do with my life, I really want to earn a lot of money, but I really can't be bothered to get a job or do any work. What do you think I should do?
Jane: Are you serious? Why not go out and have sex with some guy and get yourself a "Whore Reward"? That will give you an excuse not to work, and you will get money thrown at you by the government, it's like the name says, you are being rewarded for being a whore.
Carla: Thats brilliant, it's almost as though the government understands that lazy woman need to be looked after just like all the other scum in society. Roll on child support cheques!
by Paul Fleming November 09, 2006
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This is another name for a pregnant woman. Often used by intellects and graduates to describe someone who has obviously been involved in a sex act within the last 9 months.
Jenny: Look at the size of her, she looks like a whale.
Sara: Hey, don't be so hard on her, she went to some swingers party a few months ago and got herself "Whored Up" by some guy, she is due in about 4 months.
Jenny: That will teach her. And she still looks like a whale, even if she is "Whored Up".
by Paul Fleming July 13, 2006
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This is a word used to describe a person who will risk personal injury and suffering to protect their own beliefs, or to protect another person.
An example of the word "Brave" is a gentleman who has just arrived home to his wife from a night out with lipstick all over him, and stinking of perfume, he then walks over to his wife, slaps her on her ass and says "Whats for dinner then fatty?"
Although some might think this man is out of order, I know no one can question his bravery. A true Hero amoung men.
by Paul Fleming December 16, 2006
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