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This is the name given to describe a small town with high unemployment. These towns are said to be very common in Wales, but are also found in Ireland, and Scotland where education is very limited.
Also a name given to a town that has a small population.
Steve: Since I moved here from the city I am begining to see that everyone is stupid, there are no jobs, and guys are marrying their own sisters, whats that all about?
Colin: This place is backwards, these people don't know any different. This is a "One Horse Town".
Steve:, Yeah, you are right, but the problem is everyone thinks they are the jockey.
by Paul Fleming July 19, 2006

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These people originate on the Eastern coast of the USA. Often these individuals visit internet forums and post statements that make no sense and are of no relevance to the topic that is being discussed.
They have no control of their disorder and will stop at nothing to get another pointless sentance posted on some forum.
Quentin7234: Why did that guy just post on the forum that his dog doesn't eat sugar free biscuits, when this forum is about Battlefield 2?
Soothie1932: I think that guy is a "Forum Addict", he posts on average 43 times a day on this site and I am yet to see him make any sense.
Quentin7234: Well, I wish he would stop. He makes me uncomfortable.
by Paul Fleming July 13, 2006

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These girls are native to, but not exclusive to small towns in the Eastern Counties of England. As with any whore, they are willing to give up sex at anytime, but a boomerang whore will let her partner have sex with her, then her sister, then her best friend, then her mother, and then she will let you come back to her and have sex once again. Just like a boomerang, she will keep coming back to you, regardless of how you treat her.
Liz: Why do you let Brian come back and have sex with you, he fucked your mum, your sister, and even though i'm your best friend, he fucked me! He thinks he can get away with it because he says you are a "boomerang whore".
Jannine: Yeah, I know, I just love him so much.
Liz: You make me sick.
by Paul Fleming July 09, 2006

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A male with a reputation of sleeping with the opposite sex as frequently as he requires. Normally the "slut jockey" isn't particularly fussy about his partner. As the name suggests, he is like a jockey, but instead of a jockey riding 5 horses on a single day (ie. at Aintree), this male may ride up to 5 females. He also stays in character by telling his partner how well they did, and may even give them a pat on the top of their head to show his appreciation of their efforts.
Damien: Look at that guy over there, those girls are
desperate to be fucked by him.
Daryll: Yeah, thats Nigel, he's fucking more girls a day than I get to talk to, he's a Slut Jockey.
Damien: Oh, I see. Lucky Bastard.
by Paul Fleming July 09, 2006

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A phrase used in a describing a female that has had many sexual partners, and who is generally known as a whore.
"Look at that slut over there, she has had more pricks in her than a second hand dartboard."
by Paul Fleming July 08, 2006

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A person who visits the "urban Dictionary" website with the intention of reading peoples entries, and then giving them a thumbs down. Often these people have had traumatic events in their lives that have caused them to be so full of hate and anger that the only way they can express their hate on the world is to give people "thumbs down" on a website meant for peoples amusement and pleasure.
Jonnie: Hey man, I'm feeling angry because my Momma made me eat cold beans when I was little, and I need a way to let the world know I'm suffering and angry, what should I do?
Stevie: Why don't you go on the urban dictionary website and become a "Thumb Downer"? Just read something that someone has wrote for your amusement, then give it a thumbs down. I do it all the time!
Jonnie: Thats great advice, Thanks Stevie, People like you make the world a great place to be!
by Paul Fleming December 30, 2006

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This is a description of a female who looks for a male sex partner, then lures him to a hotel for sex. She is normally married to a wealthy man and therefore can afford a hotel room and does not have to worry about being caught and losing her inheritance. Normally these females are quite elderly, yet carry themselves with a hint of grace. These ladies are similar to a money slut, with the only difference being that a hotel slut is more interested in sex than money.
Jim: I was out last weekend and met a great looking woman, she was a bit old and married, but she took me to a hotel and let me have my wicked way with her, it was great!
Andy: Wow, she must be a "Hotel Slut", those ladies are rare!
Jim: Yeah I know, the only problem is she gave me a STD and the doctor says I will probably never be able to have children.
Andy: Thats terrible, are you going to see her again?
Jim: Damn right I am, I don't want kids anyway! I'm meeting her in a hotel for sex in 30 minutes!
by Paul Fleming July 29, 2006

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